Different Types of Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage

A gentle and less intense massage that works the upper layers of the muscle tissue to increase relaxation. Relaxation massage is a total experience that is performed in a dim setting with candles and scented oils.

Sports Massage

A massage that works on the connective tissue and deep muscle structures. Sports massage is specifically designed to increase flexibility and prevent the types of injuries obtained during athletic activity.

Swedish Massage

A massage that increases blood circulation to more than four times its normal rate. The massage releases the stagnant toxins stored in the muscle fibers to result in fresh oxygenated blood flow in to the muscles, to boost energy levels.

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage is a more intense muscle manipulation that offers proven healing that can restore mobility and relieve chronic pain. This technique is used to target specific trouble spots after an accident or injury that has left the client stiff or sore.

Pregnancy Massage

A massage that attends to the unique needs of expectant mothers. This technique is used to help alleviate common pregnancy complaints and to protect both mother and child during the massage.

Youth Massage

A massage that is beneficial to children of all ages. A technique used to help provide stress reduction that can affect the immune system, and to promote healthy emotional development.

Graston Technique

A technique used to promote soft tissue mobilization by loosening restrictions in the fascia and helps break down scar tissue.

Cupping Technique

A technique that helps to bring nutrients and hydration into inflammed areas to promote healing.

Massage Therapy Rates for all techniques:

Half-Hour Sessions $40

Full-Hour Session $70

Ninety Minute Session $100

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