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Massage Therapy


Jessica Bethune, LMT

Jessica is a skilled massage therapist with over 15 years experience as both a therapist and massage therapy instructor. She is trained in many massage techniques including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Pre-Natal and more.

Jessica specializes in Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage. This technique focuses on treating adhesions, muscle knots and trigger points deep within the muscles that can cause pain, muscle tension and other related problems. Jessica tailors her treatments to each patient’s needs and comfort levels.

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Alyssa Fastnacht, LMT, MS, OTR/L

Alyssa is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Neuromuscular Technique and Deep Tissue massage. She is also trained in a variety of other soft tissue manipulation techniques, including Sports, Swedish, Reflexology, Circulatory and Lymphatic. She is also a licensed Occupational Therapist with a strong background in muscle structure and function.

As both and OT and massage therapist, Alyssa is passionate about using her skills to help clients relieve muscle tension and pain to improve their ability to participate in their own individual occupations (leisure, work, social participation, etc.) and enhance their quality of life.


Shannon Sprague, LMT, MSPT

Shannon is a skilled massage therapist with combined experience in both massage and physical therapy. She is trained in many massage techniques including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Strain/Counterstrain, Swedish, Sports, Neuromuscular, Reflexology, Thai Yoga/Shiatsu and more. Shannon also has additional training in cupping and the Graston Technique® Cupping is akin to a reverse deep tissue massage that brings blood flow to the area, separates tight tissues and eliminates toxins. The Graston Technique® is an instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization technique that uses stainless steel instruments to break up adhesions, scar tissue and aid in healing of dysfunctional structures within the body. Shannon specializes in Therapeutic Massage, often utilizing several techniques within one treatment session, to tailor the needs of each individual client. Shannon’s background also includes Yoga Teaching and Reiki Master training.

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